The Mikkelson Education Fund
The Mikkelson Foundation

Support for Technical Knowledge and Skills Improvement Programs

The Mikkelson Education Fund and The Mikkelson Foundation provide support for groups and organizations that develop and deliver programs for the improvement of mathematics and science education.

We believe that an important element for improving the level of science and mathematics understanding is to generate in students the desire to learn and understand the technical principles of how things work. We feel that increased interest in science can be encouraged by knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenters who can make the subject matter relevant and understandable. We wish to provide support for individuals and organizations which deliver hands on, technically oriented mathematics and science learning experiences. Our interest is in preparing students for success in technical fields that require a strong understanding of and competence in advanced mathematics and science.

The Mikkelson Education Fund provides grants to non-profit groups, organizations, and institutions which provide informal science and mathematics training experiences consistent with the Fund's objectives. The Mikkelson Education Fund generally provides support for existing programs . We primarily support educational requests in Colorado. Through the Mikkelson Education Fund we expect to be able to support two to three group or institutional programs each year. Grants will be evaluated on the basis of the suitability of the program or project to further the goals of The Mikkelson Education Fund.
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The Mikkelson Foundation works on longer term projects with institutions to develop and present programs for mathematics and science education. Additionally, The Mikkelson Foundation funds some groups and organizations which provide informal science education consistent with the Foundation's objectives.
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