The Mikkelson Education Fund

The Mikkelson Education Fund was established to support the improvement of the understanding of mathematics and science. The main focus of the Mikkelson Education Fund is to provide funding for the development and delivery of informal (outside the formal classroom) science education. We prefer to support programs which deliver hands on mathematics and science experiences for K-12 students.

OUR HISTORY: The Mikkelson Education Fund was created in 1997. In our twenty two years of operation, we have provided support for over four hundred individual teachers and twenty organized programs. Teachers have attended workshops and courses in areas such as space science, engineering, chemistry, biology, geology, mathematics, and systems modeling. Programs we have supported include The Little Shop of Physics at CSU, The Frontiers of Science Institute at UNC, The Peak Area Leadership in Science, The Keys to Science Institute and Content Updates Through Scientific Inquiry at BSCS, The Rocky Mountain Math Teachers Circle, Junior Achievement, The Challenger Learning Center, Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, The Space Foundation, Cool Science, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute at The CU Medical Center. We also supported science kit training for over 100 elementary school science teachers in El Paso County.

Group and Organization Requests for Program Funding

The Mikkelson Education Fund provides grants to IRS registered non-profit groups, organizations, and institutions which provide informal science training experiences consistent with the Fund's objectives. The Mikkelson Education Fund is a donor advised fund administered by The Denver Foundation. As a donor advised fund, The Mikkelson Education Fund solicits requests for funds and provides recommendations to The Denver Foundation. The Mikkelson Education Fund primarily supports educational requests in Colorado. The Denver Foundation has the final authority to approve grants and will ensure that grant rules and accounting practices are followed to preserve the charitable status of the Denver Foundation and the Mikkelson Educational Fund.
Grants will be made on the basis of the suitability of the program or project to further the goals of The Mikkelson Education Fund.
Through the Mikkelson Education Fund we expect to be able to support two to three group or institutional programs each year.

If your group or organization provides such programs or support for such programs please submit requests containing the following information:

  1. The organization's name, address, and telephone number.
  2. The organization's contact person and e-mail address.
  3. The organization's website URL (if any).
  4. The organization's 501(c)(3) status.
  5. A description of the organization's purpose and goals.
  6. A description of how the program aligns with the goals of The Mikkelson Education Fund.
  7. The proposed program's purpose, schedule, and budget.
  8. Information on similar projects in the past.
  9. Any other helpful information.


The Mikkelson Foundation
P.O. Box 768
Monument, CO 80132-0768

If your group or organization is interested in developing programs with scientific and technical content, please see program development.