The Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund

2014 Program and Application Information

Purpose of the Fund:
The purpose of The Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund is to encourage and reward excellence in the teaching of mathematics and science. We believe that an extremely important element for improving the level of science and mathematics competence is to generate, in students, the desire to learn and understand how things work. Increased interest in science can be encouraged by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers who can make the subject matter relevant and understandable.
Our interest is in preparing students for success in fields that require a strong understanding of and competence in advanced mathematics and science. Our focus is to identify individuals who are deeply committed to teaching and provide them with opportunities to renew or advance their enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge.

The Fund provides scholarships for teachers to choose and attend programs which will improve their depth of knowledge of the subject(s) they teach and/or enhance their teaching skills and effectiveness. These programs generally occur in the summer, but requests from teachers who would like to attend programs that occur at other times of the year are also considered.

Specifically, we are looking to support:

We provide funding for attendance at:

Funding for conferences is considered if the purpose for attending matches one or both of the above.

Scholarship funds are not intended for use toward courses that are part of a degree program or required to attain or maintain certification. Programs intended to increase a teacher's knowledge of a subject area must include significant math and/or science content which can be applied directly to classroom instruction.

We do NOT provide funds for:


Application Review:
Proposals are evaluated on their likelihood to support the Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund's goals and to provide the applicant with knowledge and skills which can be used to improve their teaching abilities. The main evaluation focus is on the possibility for improvement of a teacher's knowledge and/or hands-on learning experiences in science and mathematics. The applicant's experience level, plan for using what is learned in the classroom, and the quality of the program in which he or she would like to participate will also be considered.

Funding is awarded on a competitive basis. Your chance of receiving funding will depend on the quality of your application and the number of teachers who apply for funding. Approved proposals may be funded in full or partially funded. Please note that funding requests for programs that have a vacation-type element generally are not funded in full. Previous recipients are welcome to apply for a new grant, but preference will be given to strong applicants who have not preciously received a grant.

The schedule for 2014 is:

Deadline for early decision applications 1/22/2014
Early decision notification

Final Deadline for 2014 applications 3/26/2014
Final Notification 4/18/2014

Applications must be received at the offices of The Denver Foundation by 5:00 PM on the due date. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications received by the early deadline for programs that occur later in the year may be deferred to the second deadline.
All applicants will be notified of the committee's decision via email.

To Apply:
Submit the information listed below via mail, fax, or email. So that the selection committee can easily compare applications, please number each item and present them in the order listed below.We ask for home instead of work information so that we can contact recipients during the summer as well as the school year. If mailing your application, do not use staples or any binders other than paper clips.

Part A. Applicant Information,

  1. Full Name
  2. Home Address
  3. Home Phone Number
  4. Email Address (notification will be made via email to this email address)
  5. School District
  6. Name, address, and phone number of the school at which you are currently employed full-time
  7. Your current position, the grades and courses you teach, and (if applicable) brief description of other responsibilities
  8. A brief description of your education, your background, and your teaching experience
  9. A brief description of any special interests or projects with which you are involved that might be relevant

Part B. Funding Request

  1. Name of the course, seminar, or workshop that you would like to attend
  2. Program information: In detail, describe the program you would like to attend, what you expect to learn, and why the program meets the funding criteria for the Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund. Do not assume the selection committee will be familiar with the program in which you are interested. Do not refer the committee to a website. The nature of the program you would like to attend is very important to the evaluation of your application. Be sure to provide a thorough description.
    *If you are applying for funding to attend a conference, please be specific about which sessions you plan to attend or track you plan to take and note if you will be presenting.*
  3. How would attending this program further your skills and/or ability to provide excellent instruction and inspiration to your students? Explain, in detail, how you would use what you learn from this program in your classroom in the future.
  4. Program Dates and Location
  5. Program Application Deadline
  6. Cost Breakdown: please list, in detail, the estimated costs related to attendance at the program of your choice. You can request funding for course registration fees, materials required for attendance, accommodations (room cost only), and/or travel expenses. Recipients will be required to provide receipts.
  7. Total Amount of Your Request for Funding
  8. Approved proposals may be funded partially or in full depending upon the number of applications received and the amount available to award. So that the selection committee does not allocate money that an individual will not be able to use, please note here if you will only be able to attend the program if you receive full, or a certain amount of, funding.
  9. How did you learn of this program?

Send applications via mail, email, or fax to:

The Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund
The Denver Foundation
Attention: Karen Bellina
55 Madison Street, 8th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80206
Fax : (303)996-7349

If you have questions about the Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Fund, please contact Karen Bellina with The Denver Foundation at 303-996-7348 or
Questions related to other Mikkelson programs should be referred to